Rock Band Plus+

Join a Rock Band. Write Original Songs. Perform. Record. Release!

The Rock Band Plus+ program is for those young musicians who want to take their music to the next level. Have you attended an edition of the CityArts Toronto Rock Camp in the past? Want to get serious this winter? Rock Band Plus+ is for you!

Rock Band Plus+ features:

Weekly Practice Sessions and Lessons

Weekly practice sessions with your band with instruction from a team of professional musicians, teachers, songwriters, and producers. The focus is on Live Performance and preparation for professional recording in studio.

Record your Band!

Record your Band with professional results! Learn how to use your computer, inexpensive recording equipment and software to record your band with professional results. Take control of your music!

Studio Recording Program

Record and publish your songs in an EP or in a CD compilation. During the weekly sessions the band will be trained and prepared to professionally record originals compositions or cover songs in a professional recording studio.

The songs will be Published on a Compilation CityArts CD at the end of the school year or in a Band EP with the potential to publish Original Songs on iTunes, EPs, CDs, etc. The focus of the program is on original compositions.

Brian Moncarz Producer / Engineer

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We are very pleased to announce that Brian Moncarz will be joining CityArts as the Producer / Engineer of the innovative Rock Band Plus+ program.  Brian is uniquely positioned and qualified to work with serious young musicians, sharing our vision and desire to develop industry leading creative learning programs in music.  Brian will guide the Rock Band Plus+ bands as they prepare for recording in some of Canada's leading recording studios and oversee the recording of the EP/CD.

"Brian is one of the hottest young producer/engineers around." 

Bob Ezrin (Producer, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Jane's Addiction)

"I've been working with Brian Moncarz for the last several years. He is a top class engineer and producer and is always able to put musicians at ease. It is always my intention to encourage musicians to feel that they are doing their best work and Brian is always supportive of this and remains calm even during the most stressful of sessions. We've had such a productive working relationship that when I felt it was time to open a studio and needed a partner, my obvious choice was Brian." 

David Bottrill (Producer, Tool, Peter Gabriel, Silverchair)

Kevin Dietz Head Engineer at Metalworks

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We are pleased to announce that Kevin Dietz will be working with CityArts in the ground breaking Rock Band Plus+ program.  

Kevin is the head engineer of Metalworks Studios, in Mississauga, Ontario. He has worked with a diverse array of artists including Billy Talent, Alexisonfire, Circa Survive, Drake, Protest the Hero, Silverstein, and Placebo. He has also worked alongside numerous award winning producers and mixers such as David Bottrill, Julius Butty, Gavin Brown, and Demacio "Demo" Castillon.  

Kevin shares our  vision in developing industry leading music programs for kids and is the perfect compliment to our high level Plus+ programs for serious young musicians 14 to 18 years of age.

Live Performance Program

Perform Live! in two or more CityArts concerts in Toronto Live Venues. During the weekly sessions the band will be trained to perform up to 4 songs, live in concert. A minimum of three concerts will be booked in live venues in the City of Toronto.

Media Promotion Pack: Photographs, Video and Websites

Learn how to make Media Promotion Pack for your band (photos, music video, etc). Tell your story in new ways using the technology you already possess through the CityArts hands-on media workshops.
The Media Program includes:

Electronic Press Kit
Band Photographs including Album / EP Covers
Live Concert Photographs
Live Concert Videos
Music Video

Dates and Details

Rock Band Plus+ Season 1 - Limited Spaces - TWO BANDS ONLY

Dates: January 2011 through June 2011,
Weekly Sessions Start January 8-15, 2011

Recording Sessions: Scheduled for May/June 2011

Concert 1: March 2011
Concert 2: April 2011
Concert 3: June 2011 + CD Release Party

Weeks: 28 Weeks + 4 Clinics/Workshops = 32 Sessions

Rock Band Plus+ Season 2 - Limited Spaces - FOUR BANDS ONLY

Dates: October 2011 through June 2012
Weekly Sessions Start October, 2011

Recording Sessions: Scheduled for May/June 2012

Concert 1: December 2011
Concert 2: March 2012
Concert 3: April 2012
Concert 4: June 2012 + CD Release Party

Weeks: 32 Weekly Sessions + Clinics/Workshops

Ages: Suggested for serious young musicians 14 to 17 years of age. Younger? Consider our Rock Band program.


Auditions and Interviews

In the event that you haven't attended a session of the CityArts Rock Camps prior to wishing to enrol in the Rock Band Plus+ program, an audition and interview is required.

Times and Locations:

Rehearsals, Workshops, Clinics and Recording Sessions will be held on the weekends. Rehearsal Sessions will be held Saturday or Sunday afternoons from 2 pm to 4 pm and/or 3 pm to 5 pm. Two Hour Sessions on average with some days doubled up (i.e. 4 hour sessions).

To get the bands ready for their recording and performing schedules, we will use a variety of locations: rehearsal studios, recording studios, and some of the CityArts Arts Hubs (TDSB and TCDSB Public and Secondary Schools).

Rehearsal and Recording Locations are as follows:

Downtown JAM
31 Parliament Street
Toronto, ON, M5A 2Y2
(416) 585-9998

Session: Jan. 15th 3 pm to 5 pm

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Metalworks Recording Studios
3611 Mavis Road
Mississauga, ON L5C 1T7
(905) 279-4000

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Pro Rehearsal and Backline
Cherry Beach Studios
33 Villiers Street
Toronto, ON, M5A 1A9
416 693 1816

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Pro Backline and Rehearsal
Islington Location
154 Islington Ave.
Etobicoke, ON, M8V 3B6
416 693 1816

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